Proven compatibility in the kitchen in the preparation of delicious dishes, It is a vegetable that provides valuable benefits to the body.


The zucchini or courgette is a species of the family Cucurbitaceae whose fruits are used immature.
Is cylindrical or round, It has white flesh, soda and seeds rich peel varies more or less dark green, striped or dotted yellow depending on variety. Their flavor is quite mild and delicate.

Nutritional values

Zucchini contains calcium, ferro, phosphorus, vitamins C and E, fibre, a high percentage of water (90%), very little sodium and potassium, making it highly diuretic. The folic acid content (critical to the functioning of the nervous system and bone marrow, and for the formation of red blood cells.


They have a very low calorie content, making them particularly suitable for low-calorie diets.
Courgettes are low in salt, so perfect for overweight people at risk of hypertension or cardiovascular disease.
They are rich in water: They are refreshing and easily digestible, as well as diuretic and useful to counter the problems of the urinary tract.


A real specialty is its delicious flowers, with which you can prepare many colorful and prefette recipes for this season, such as zucchini flowers stuffed, fried or risotto with squash blossoms and rice wine.

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