Società Cooperativa Agricola

Airone is part of the O.P. A.Bio.Med.
#Together for agriculture of the future

The Cooperative

Airone is a cooperative of Sicilian agricultural producers over ten years experience, who they have decided to take the group to create a mark of excellence for its products.

Our cooperative is part of the O.P. A.Bio.Med.

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The "agricultural cooperative societiesAirone "aims to increase its production offer, ensuring high quality standards and customer satisfaction constant over time.

The constant verification of the production chain and the use of eco-friendly techniques constitute a guarantee instrument for what concerns the improvement of product quality and, at the same time, It helps to improve the physical and human environments in which the cooperative operates and socio-economic development of the territory.


Airone stands alongside its partners to
support them at all stages of the production chain.

For this reason has enabled a wide range of services ranging from planning of agricultural production, identification of business partners, to improvement interventions, development and business innovation, the design and global consulting firm.


We have made quality our strength:

-we use environmentally friendly production techniques;

-We minimize the use of products harmful to the health of consumers and the environment;

-employ eco-friendly and environmentally friendly packaging.

Our products

healthy and genuine products

Table grapes

Bianca, red or black: there are many varieties of table grapes in Italy.

Sweet pepper

Delicious vegetable with valuable vitamin characteristics.


Vegetable who brings valuable benefits to the body.


Great refreshing, reidratanti and depurative.


Fruited great to be prepared grilled or fried and gilded.

Purple eggplant

delicate taste, ie free from any sharp or bitter flavors.


Appreciated for its intense aroma and its digestive and purifying.


 Appreciated for its high organoleptic features and health properties.

Cluster Tomato

It grows in clusters of 5-8 fruits. It has a nice round shape, smooth and regular, each tomato weighs about 100 g and can go up to about 150 g.

Datterino Tomato

Recently he has had increasing success in the markets, and Sicilian nell'areale has superior organoleptic characteristics.

piccadilly Tomato

Small in size and nearly oval, exceptional sweetness and flavor combined with excellent consistency and kept on Postharvest.

Cherry tomato

It expresses its best organoleptic and nutritional qualities cultivated in the southeast of Sicily, where soil and environmental characteristics are optimal.


Registered office: Via Adua 16 / A - large (RG)

Processing Center: C.da Pozzo Bollente, Vittoria(RG)

Tel: 0932/1944570 – 377/0215521


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