Table grapes

Its properties and benefits are known since ancient times when the grape was the symbol of life.


It is the fruit of the screw constituted by more or less small berries, rotonde or oblunghe, gathered in clusters.
Depending on the color they identify white grapes, black or pink; according to the use, We have table grapes, Wine grapes or grapes to be dried.

Nutritional values

Grapes are rich in sugars directly assimilated (glucose, levulosio, mannosio); It also contains organic acids, hall minerals (potassium, ferro, phosphorus, football, manganese, magnesium, iodine, silicon, chlorine, arsenic), vitamine A, of group B and C, tannins (in the peel), polyphenols.


The grapes have antioxidant and anti-cancer, 
It has antiviral properties that can fight the herpes simplex virus, applications of grape juice or must on the lips with herpes will speed up healing.


Grape Thinking comes to mind Bacchus god of wine and the grape harvest, and fun, its cult arrived in the Italian peninsula in the second century B.C.. It is often depicted as a man with his head crowned with vine leaves, usually drunk, holding a cup of wine.

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