Sweet pepper

Delicious vegetable with valuable vitamin characteristics, grown in South Eastern Sicily.


The varieties of peppers produce fruits of different elongated shapes, conical, a prism or a balloon, smooth or ribbed surfaces, colors (verde, rosso, yellow, Orange, violet) and sour or sweet taste.

Nutritional values

The pepper has very few calories (23 every 100 grams) because it is made up largely of water (more than 90%), It contains a good deal of provitamin A (firming) and is particularly excellent source of vitamin C (antioxidant and firming), present in greater quantities than even citrus.


Remarkable antioxidant properties, diuretiche e depurative.
The pepper is rich in potassium, a perfect ally cardiovascular apparatus. Thanks to its high fiber content, the peppers have laxative properties, and increase the sense of satiety: This makes them an indispensable food for all those who want to keep the line!


The first to speak was Christopher Columbus who wrote about the island of Haiti:
"My men found there many aji that the natives were used as pepper and boasting the biggest advantages of our, because it can be considered real dish for those who can withstand its very strong flavor. No one eats there without the seasoning of this aroma "

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