Variety fruit round or slightly oval dark color that can reach 300 grams . Fruited great to be prepared grilled or fried and gilded.


Shape: roundish.
Peel: gloss black.
Pulp: compact and flavorful.
Handling: presents no particular problems.
Production area: Sicily, provinces of Ragusa and Catania.

Nutritional values

Rich in water and therefore low in calories, It has high nutritional properties and helps to improve the diet with useful substances such as minerals, fiber and vitamins. Its fibers are well tolerated by the intestine and facilitate the proper functioning.


They have an 'important draining action that promotes the elimination of waste and toxins that otherwise would accumulate in the liver. The rich content of vitamins and minerals also offers good support in case of shortcomings acting as a major tonic


The Arabs called in antiquity "badingian" eggplant and Italy was initially called "petonciana" or "petonciano" or even "petronciano", and then only later call it by its current name.

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