It is typically a vegetable cultivated in the Mediterranean basin, prized for its intense aroma and its digestive and purifying.


Crisp and pleasantly scented, fennel is perhaps one of the vegetables on the tables present in the Mediterranean.
There is also a variety of wild fennel.

Nutritional values

It composed primarily of water; between the minerals present the most it is potassium; It contains vitamin A, Vitamin C and some B vitamins.
It is fairly rich in flavonoids.
Make very few calories.


Fennel is known for its digestive; It has the ability to prevent the formation of intestinal gas.
Fennel has purifying, especially of the liver and blood.
It also has an excellent anti-inflammatory power.


It all started in the plain of Marathon, in Greece, where the fennel grew spontaneo.Per this reason the ancients called it "marathon". Pliny says that snakes are rubbing against the fennel plant, after changing the skin, to regain his sight and in relation to this story states that fennel is great in eye care.

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