Datterino Tomato

Recently he has had increasing success in the markets, and Sicilian nell'areale has superior organoleptic characteristics.


Shape: elongated berry.
Peel: intense red.
Pulp: compact, soda, sweet and savory.
Handling: presents no particular problems.
Production area: Sicily, province of Ragusa.

Nutritional values

Poor in calories and rich in minerals and trace elements, including potassium. Ideal to regulate salt and water balance. It contains phosphorus, football, C vitamin, as well as beta-carotene and all the B vitamins. It contains lycopene (antioxidant component with antitumor action). Compared to other varieties of tomato, It has a higher sugar content that can reach 12 ° Brix.


The potassium content in tomatoes acts as a vasodilator for which is a great help for those who have high blood pressure. Consequently, the consumption of tomatoes reduces the risks associated to high blood pressure such as stroke.
Tomatoes contain useful substance for strong bones, ie calcium and vitamin K.


The tomato datterino is a type of small form tomato and ovaleggiante result of an intersection of Asian origin

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